Danny MacAskill’s “Imaginate” – Bonkers Street Trials Video

On June 20, 2013 by Tim Newman

Danny MacAskill - Imaginate - Ball

Danny MacAskill is the Isle of Skye’s most famous street trials rider, well, probably the Isle of Skye’s most famous person full stop. Since releasing his first video in 2009 he’s found himself featured in the New York Times and started a career as a stuntman. He’s doing alright for himself.

MacAskill’s been a pro rider with Inspired Bicycles for a while and his newest video ‘Imaginate’ after two years in the making has just been released thanks to some hefty Red Bull funding. It’s a proper amazing show of his skills, and the video itself looks pretty cool too, nicely shot and all that jazz. The theme is childhood, and showcases his death defying leaps and stunts in front of a back drop of children’s toys, comics, Rubik cubes etc. The stunts he does with the bouncy ball are great, I bet no one’s ever done anything quite like that before.

I can imagine fans of pure extreme sports might think that this video is a little too forced and chincy, but the ball-hard maneuvers he manages to pull off can’t be ignored. The guy is a one tonne solid skill master with platinum nads and rock tight guts. Check out MacAskill’s Imaginate moves for yourselves:

Viral Video Collection on Lazer Horse

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