Crisis Actors: Fact Or Fiction?

On December 31, 2014 by Lazer Horse

The conspiracy thinking here is that a big lie is easier to swallow than a little one. Apparently this was one of Hitler’s tactics and as a psychological theory goes it probably does hold some water.

The problem in my eyes isn’t whether the US government would dare to do anything like this; I don’t think the shady puppet masters in the White House’s attic have got too many qualms over their nation’s welfare. My big problem is how on earth would they pull something so huge off with literally no one letting the cat out of the bag?

Crisis Actor - Fact Ficiton - Sandy Hook  - Rebecca Roche


They’d be trusting the alleged victims to keep quiet, the drivers of the actors who need to get to the town and their agents (there would be tens of actors if not more). The children who were supposed to have been shot would have to be kept out of sight or completely fabricated in the first place.

All the news crews would have to be kept in the dark or be in on the joke. The people who supplied refreshments and makeup would have to be in on it, as would the police and ambulance services. Do you not think just one of these people would have been a bit like “you’re fooling the nation into thinking loads of kids have been shot? Errrr… I’m actually not fine with that”.


Of course the powers that be would have to pick the most malleable of citizens, but even then, I just can’t buy it. One theory was that the Malaysian aircraft that disappeared had some crisis actors on it in an effort to shut them up. A conspiracy theory to help explain an even bigger conspiracy. The pit is deepening.

So my conclusion, which is always fairly similar with these types of conspiracy posts, is as follows: the US government lies all the time, that’s a fact. If they could pull something this big off they probably would, but I don’t reckon they could manage it. And OMG there’s literally no proper evidence at all.

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