Crisis Actors: Fact Or Fiction?

On December 31, 2014 by Lazer Horse

The first video I watched – Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Crisis Actors – was an amusing start. The video’s creator just goes to the DHS web site and shows you the forms to fill in to if you are becoming a crisis actor. It’s here that I realised that crisis actors are a real thing. But they’re not what the conspiracy buffs think.

Actors are employed to play out various scenarios to test medical and infrastructure staff. That’s a pretty sensible thing to do.

If these forms were as incriminating as he thinks they are then they wouldn’t be stuck up for public download.

One line of “evidence” that the documentary maker includes is that the forms are missing the .doc file endings which means they don’t show up if you do an advanced Google search for .doc file types. That’s probably the most doosh line of evidence I’ve ever heard seeing as you can just Google them in a non-advanced search and they pop up fine.

Crisis Actor - Fact Ficiton - Boston

YouTube commenters aren’t world renowned for their insight, but a user called Anthrax pretty much nails the conclusions to this video like so:

Don’t believe this moron, This is used for training.

End of.

The next video I watched was a compilation of so called Sandy Hook “actors” being interviewed in various news broadcasts. They showed a few different interviews with grieving parents, teachers and townsfolk from Sandy Hook. Their premise was that the “actor’s” performances weren’t believable.

There was one Sandy Hook resident who they kept coming back to – Gene Rosen – who had found some of the school kids cowering in his bushes. Gene Rosen does behave in a slightly odd way, with an unusual turn of phrase, but people react to tragedy in a myriad of styles and let’s not forget, some people are just plain strange. Behaving oddly is not evidence for wrongdoing.

Another video I watched focused on one particular family involved in the Sandy Hook massacre. One of their three daughters was shot dead in the awful incident.

The point of this video was simply to show footage of the remaining two sisters before the incident took place in a really, really tenuous and failed attempt to prove that the third daughter never existed in the first instance and that she was a stooge all along.

Here’s a picture of the little girl Emilie Parker:

Crisis Actor - Fact Ficiton - Sandy Hook  - Emilie Parker

If the US government is smart and smooth enough to fake the deaths of more than 25 people I’m pretty sure they’d remember not to use the same child actors two days apart. And all little girls pretty much look the same really don’t they? All smiles and hair.

Here’s another picture in the same vein:

Crisis Actor - Fact Ficiton - Sandy Hook actors

But… they don’t really look that much alike, do they?

The last video I watched – Video of a Sandy Hook student calling the massacre a “drill” – showed a young Sandy Hook kid on a TV interview saying that when the massacre was kicking off he got under the table in the “drill”. Now, children are pretty stupid, we all know that. Schools carry out drills as a matter of course and the kids are probably asked to get under the tables. The kids may well refer to getting under the tables as a “drill” because they don’t actually know what a “drill” is. It’s certainly not evidence that it really was a made up scenario.





Another incident that is often called a hoax is the Boston Marathon bombing. The theory goes that the poor bloke that got his legs blown off – Jeff Bauman – was actually being played by a double amputee military veteran called Lt Nicholas Vogt. Once again, the fact that the two men looking nothing alike doesn’t seem to put the conspiracy nuts off:

Boston Bombing CrisisActorNicholasVogt

But why would the US government want to fool its already quaking citizens into thinking even worse things are happening than already are? The theory goes that the government wants to keep the population on their knees and in constant fear. This way they can slowly take away their 2nd amendment rights, i.e. the right to carry loaded guns around all the time.

Why would the US government stage such huge fake events though? Why not stick to something smaller?


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