BBC Promotes Illuminati Mind Control Via Match Of The Day

On April 30, 2014 by Tim Newman

Illuminati - BBC - MOTD - Ides Of March

I don’t really watch a lot of sports myself, but I’ve heard that quite a few people do partake in the watching of good old “kick ball” so I thought I should let you know the dangers you face. I found this story on an anti-Illuminati, conspiracy-watch type website today and it deftly unearths the sinister side to Match Of The Day.

In this Ides of March themed MOTD promo they stuffed in a healthy wad of Illuminati themed images. Why? Who knows, but as I normally argue, it’s probably just that these symbols are seen as fashionable these days. If a symbol gets enough negative attention the kids are bound to start wearing it on their T-shirts. That’s kids forya.

If it’s good enough for Rihanna and Beyonce then it’s good enough for MOTD.

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The website wrote this about the BBC which made me titter: the BBC are…

…a thoroughly corrupt paedophile harbouring propaganda outlet for the British government masquerading as a bastion of truth.


Here’s the video any way. Hold on to your brain marbles folks, I don’t want you to get hypnotized and start worshiping Baphomet whilst listening to Tupac and covering your entire flat with tin-foil:

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