Nicki Minaj Is Illuminati & Murdered Whitney Houston

On August 1, 2013 by Lazer Horse


I’ve been looking at daft Illuminati based videos again, I can’t help myself. Below are some of my findings and opinions. I always precede these articles with a little disclaimer that goes something like this: I am not a conspiracy nut, I am completely sure that the vast majority of it is rubbish, but I find it all rather interesting from a social, paranoid perspective.

I like to write these articles for the people that are still trying to figure out what this ridiculously intricate world is all about. I also write them for the people who know full well that it’s rubbish and enjoy a touch of harmless ribbing. If you’ve missed the others here are some links:






This article is based on two videos, I won’t bother posting them up because there’s not a lot of point watching them, but if you’re interested you can watch them HERE and HERE.

So, the first video I watched today was regarding Nicki Minaj, or Onika Tanya Maraj to her Mum. The basic vibe is that she’s an Illuminati pawn in the eternal struggle between good and evil. The hit hop rapper Lil’ Wayne discovered her in 2009 and from there she was rocketed straight into a pile of cash and money.

The video’s first “proof” that she is part of the shady elite is that she rose to stardom incredibly quickly. This is true, but that’s the way the music industry works nowadays. You get “discovered”, you get “signed” they bung a butt load of cash at your “product” and “brand” and there you go, completely flooding the media for the next couple of years or so. That’s certainly no indication of satanic rituals.

Their next claim is a pretty mad one, they say that she was one of the lab rats in the MKUltra study, here’s an article about MKUltra that I wrote for Sick Chirpse a while back. In short, MKUltra was a US military program that ran from 1953-1973 where military and non-military personnel were spiked with LSD and other drugs, with or without their permission, to see what happened and how they reacted.

I know MKUltra sounds like a conspiracy theory in itself but there’s direct documentary evidence of it, and with stuff like that going on behind the scenes is it any wonder people are making up their own stories about what’s happening behind the black curtains of the White House?

An idiot posted this pic on Tumblr saying the triangle is an Illuminati symbol and "wake up America!" Dude. It's not even a triangle.

An idiot posted this pic on Tumblr saying the triangle is an Illuminati symbol and “wake up America!” Dude. It’s not even a triangle.

MKUltra stopped in the 70’s (apparently) and the CIA and the military gave up experimenting with most types of drugs a while back. They stopped experimenting with them, not because of concern for humans, but because they are so very unpredictable.

What sorts of compounds they test these days I don’t know, I don’t want to know, well…. I would quite like to know actually. But whoever they test on now, I bet it isn’t budding rappers from Queens. And what is their line of evidence for this palpable guff?: It’s the fact that she purports to having multiple personalities.



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