Rihanna Is Satan’s Tool & Other Illuminati Nonsense

On March 28, 2013 by Tim Newman

Well, it goes back to the classic evil vs good thing. They are demonic so they want to overpower and “embarrass” God. They say that the Illuminati infiltrated the church many moons ago. They argue that that’s why they introduced the crucifix in to Christian ideology purely to mock God. Who would want their followers to wear a necklace with their dying son on, right? And that’s why so many rappers wear crucifixes, of course.

Pop - Illuminati Iconography - Mason Pyramid Eye

There was no mention of artists like those of the black metal ilk, that sing about demons all the time though. Is that ok? Is it only dangerous if the message is hidden?

It’s all rot.

Illuminati collection 2

They also love to bang on about numerology and come up with every single possible way of forming the number 11 from events at 9/11. (Here’s a link to a good example of numbers gone mad in relation to the September 11th incident if you haven’t seen it before).

They have some sort of belief that numbers themselves have power. I defy anyone to show me ANY power at all from some simple addition and subtraction sums. Go on. And I don’t mean the power of numbers to tell us how or why things happen, I mean they think that numbers themselves have physical and psychical powers.

Rihanna Is Satans Tool - Illuminati Nonsense - Video Still Full

The moral of the story is, if you look hard enough, anywhere, you will find patterns (see picture above). It’s the nature of stuff, and it’s the nature of our brains to weave meaning into things. So the people who make these videos aren’t idiots, they’re looking hard at things and when a pattern shows itself, they will drill down hard until that pattern is so entrenched in their own psyche that they can no longer deny it to be a reality.

If you find a pattern, it might be real, but it might be for many reasons, and it probably isn’t for the first reason you thought of. Or, you might have made the pattern up yourself, your brain whirring like a slipped disc trying to suck sense out of the millions of data points it’s fed every second.

Without pattern finding we wouldn’t have left the deserts; our brains are now bombarded with so much guff that they can hardly take a millionth of it in. We must forgive our crumbling minds some errors, and also expect there to be some, and question our conclusions thoroughly with some good old-fashioned stats rather than selective Google searches and stoned conversations with like-minded pattern recognisers.

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