Rihanna Is Satan’s Tool & Other Illuminati Nonsense

On March 28, 2013 by Tim Newman

Rhianna - Evil Devil Spawn - Satan Illuminati Slave - Michael Jackon

If you are reading this article, that means you have access to the internet, and, as such, you will be no stranger to the terms ‘illuminati’ and ‘new world order.’

These are now commonly used words and phrases, and, whether you are an expert, a dabbler or neither, you will know what they mean, even if just vaguely. It’s something to do with a group of secretive chaps with their fingers in all of the world’s pies. Controlling us to a lesser or greater extent.

Now I don’t know whether there is a group of shadowy men hiding in the shadows. I mean, there’s plenty of shadowy men hanging around in plain sight in parliament and banks etc. So maybe there are more in the woodwork that we’ll never see. That’s something I can’t know. But what I do know for sure is that there are some nutters about who are adding 2 and 2 together and getting a pickled lizard.

I watched a documentary yesterday called ‘Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed,’ here’s the link, but I suggest you only watch a couple of minutes because it’s pretty mad and it’s a whole hour long.

In a nutshell, the film makers are saying that the music industry is controlled by the illuminati and that these evil people control pop artists and tell them to put hidden messages in their songs and videos. The documentary points out common phrases in songs and vilifies them.

Rihanna is Satans Tool - Illuminati - Rain Man Symbol In Video

Here’s one example: rappers use the phrase ‘rain man’ quite a bit, and that’s one of the many phrases that worries these guys. To many, including me, and all sane people, that’s a pretty innocuous thing to say. It refers to weather, to showering gifts and money, to wet T-shirt competitions, or to the film character.

But, this documentary writer reads a lot deeper. He says that the ‘rain man’ is a name for a demon and that when artists and fans repeat those two words and make rapturous crowds do synchronised hand gestures and motions, that they are somehow powering an evil demonic force. The purpose of this is to overpower God and take power away from him. And the purpose of this? Not sure, maybe money and fame? I don’t know. Total control I would guess.

On another website that slams Rihanna as a Satanist, they bring the same picture above to the table but compare it to Baphomet. Can you see any likeness below? It’s a bit of a push isn’t it?


The author also brings up a Tweet that Rihanna sent months ago, which if anything, kind of proves she’s not really that into Satan…

Rihanna Satan Tweet Illuminati

According to conspiracy buffs, however, the fact that she’s calling Satan by his name means that she’s in cahoots with him.


Anyway, I digress, the video goes on to talk about artists in the rap/pop business. It talks about how they have “sold their soul to the devil,” then got all the fame and cash like good servants of the illuminati deserve. They also tell tales of how, once these artists have realised that they don’t want to be run by the dark lord anymore, they turn against the industry and the industry either sets them up to get arrested for minor offences, like in the case of DMX, or, more extreme still, they have them killed like they did with Tupac and Michael Jackson.

Now slow down there. I don’t believe this nonsense any more than you do, I’m just reiterating what the doco maker told me.

Rihanna - Devil Spawn - Illuminati - I EAT BABIES

For some reason, they take a particular disliking to Rhianna. She really has been tarred with the devil stick good and proper. This lot are all about symbolism and hidden meanings. They think that the illuminati are putting their mark on things, showing endless clips of “hidden iconography” in pop videos and photo shoots.

Why would a secret society put its mark everywhere? Their argument is that if they “hide in plain sight,” they will become part of the mainstream and be accepted. But why would a secret society want to advertise itself on a medium that gets viewed by millions if they really are secret and powerful already? What’s in it for them?

Find out on the next page…


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