Photos From A Sloth Sanctuary

On November 15, 2014 by Tim Newman

The following pictures were taken at a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, it’s the biggest sloth sanctuary in the world (I think). The sanctuary’s owner – Judy Arroyo – was born and raised in Alaska where...

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Cambridge Parkour From James Kingston & His GoPro

On July 3, 2013 by Tim Newman

I just did a puke in my mouth, James Kingston has just put out a POV video of his parkour stunts in Cambridge. He’s better than Batman:     And here he is...

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Video Of Deaf Boy Hearing His Fathers Voice For The First Time

On June 22, 2013 by Tim Newman

Grayson Clamp, who was deaf from birth due to faulty auditory circuits heard his Fathers voice for the first time the other day. Cochlear implants hadn’t worked for Grayson, so doctors pimped him...

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Danny MacAskill - Imaginate - Ball

Danny MacAskill’s “Imaginate” – Bonkers Street Trials Video

On June 20, 2013 by Tim Newman

Danny MacAskill is the Isle of Skye’s most famous street trials rider, well, probably the Isle of Skye’s most famous person full stop. Since releasing his first video in 2009 he’s found himself featured...

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