Video Of Deaf Boy Hearing His Fathers Voice For The First Time

On June 22, 2013 by Tim Newman

Grayson Clamp Deaf Boy Hears Fathers Voice

Grayson Clamp, who was deaf from birth due to faulty auditory circuits heard his Fathers voice for the first time the other day. Cochlear implants hadn’t worked for Grayson, so doctors pimped him up with an auditory brain stem implant, a device that is used on adults, but has never been tested on children before. Thankfully it has worked a charm for the little guy.

His parents Nicole and Len have said that he has now started making sounds for the first time and loves listening to all types of music. It must be pretty bonkers for little Grayson. I hope they play him some dirty dub step. He’d like that.

Here’s the video of him hearing his Dad for the first time:


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