Dashcam Video: Driving Through Forest Fire In Siberia

On April 16, 2015 by Tim Newman

Siberia Forest Fire Dashcam

Forest fires are scary, well, I suppose fire is pretty scary full stop. It’s certainly best to avoid it when it’s decided to go rampant. The footage below comes from Siberia (a place where you would expect there to be less fire than others) and it really is frightening.

Apparently this recent gargantuan forest fire has swept through 60 villages, claimed 23 lives and injured 900 more. Around 1,400 homes have been destroyed and 6,000 people are now homeless. Five thousand firefighters plus volunteers have been fighting the blaze, and as of Monday morning the flames seem to be out.

The fires started after seasonal grass burning. Officials said the wild-fire was due to…

…uncontrolled burning, dry weather and uncharacteristically strong and rough winds… As soon as snow melts, while rivers are still covered by ice, dry grass burns like gunpowder. People begin to burn grass on their plots and fire spreads to agricultural land and pastures are burnt

Instead of people deciding not to drive through an entire forest that’s ablaze, the fearless Russian drivers just crack on and accelerate through. You can see a 4×4 that’s literally on fire and visibility is close to zilch.

Siberia Forest Fire Dashcam Footage

This has to be one of the maddest videos I’ve seen in quite a while:

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