Wikipedia’s “Bhuatenese Passport” Audio Article Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Hear All Week

On March 20, 2015 by Tim Newman


Wikipedia is an amazing gift to the world. It tells you everything you need to know about everything, or thereabouts. When people first started mentioning Wikipedia as a reliable info source I was very skeptical indeed, how could the interwab defeat the mighty book? But I was wrong. Somehow thousands and thousands of people have worked together in near harmony to produce something pretty darned reliable and self-perpetuating.

Sometimes, however, things slip through the net. I was pointed in the direction of the Wikipedia audio article titled “Bhuatenese Passport” by the Madland stalwart – Kingpin. What greeted my ears was something so ridiculous it was sublime.

I borrowed the audio file and placed it in a video in case the Wikipedia lords catch onto it and remove it. If this doesn’t make you do a tiny pipette of wee then nothing probably will. Remember, this is the official audio from Wikipedia, I haven’t tweaked it, this is its original glory:

So is it a joke? Or am I mocking someone with a funny voice? I’m fine either way but I can’t quite work it out. The original file is here if you simply can’t believe how jokes it is. The author who made the recording is a user called KuchenZimjah who appears to have written a number of sensible articles for Wikipedia with titles like “Students Union of Bhutan” and “Suicide in Bhutan“.

In KuchenZimjah’s blurb it tells us he is an electrician who works in Bhutan but who lived in New Zealand, hence his unparalleled grasp of the English language. He also claims to have worked as an electrician in the Russian Embassy in Burma for 10 years. If this guy is for real he’s had a pretty interesting ride.

None of KuchenZimjah’s other Wikipedia works have an audio file attached which is a real shame. Although, to give us a tiny glimmer of hope, on his personal Wikipedia page it has a “to do list” which includes: “Make more ‘listen to this article’ recordings”.

Fingers crossed.

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