Some More Weird Stuff You Can Buy In Japan

On December 30, 2014 by Tim Newman

Weird Japan

A while back I posted a collection of weird stuff you could buy from Japan Trend Shop Online. I enjoyed browsing their mental selection of goods and thought it was high time I released a part deux.

This time I have scoured the shelves of White Rabbit Express for the following goodies. If you are having trouble bringing to mind gift ideas for your estranged uncle-in-law, the following information may be particularly handy.

So, without further ado here are some more wonderfully left-field things you can buy from Japan.

Facial Fitness

Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Facial Fitness

In modern European society there is an emphasis on being fit and looking fit, or at least looking like you’re trying to be fit. It annoys me, but I guess it’s better than glorifying obesity like they do in the US. One aspect of fitness that is rarely covered, however, is “facial” fitness.

In Japan there are a myriad of items you can buy to tone up your facial muscles and keep your smile in tip-top fettle. This has to be one of the most amusing. Here’s how it works:



Yeah? Good huh? That’ll set you back $150 which seems very cheap to me. Here’s another guy having a go:


Quack Dog Muzzle

Quack Muzzle - Japan Trend


Quack Muzzle - Japan

Sugar Skulls

Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Sugar Skulls

Tiny little skulls made out of sugar. Why not?

Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Sugar Skulls 3

Mountain Dew Flavoured Cheetos


Now, I have to draw the line somewhere and that line is far, far away from fizzy drink flavoured crisps. That’s just mental. Here’s the blurb:

Mountain Dew and Cheetos is Frito Lay Japan’s latest creation. You gotta taste it to believe it. Instead of cheese, these corn puff sticks are dusted with Mountain-Dew-flavored powder that even fizzes on your tongue like the real thing. Mountain Dew Cheetos are a limited-edition item, so order this crunchy, slightly-sweet snack soon before they’re gone!


Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Hello-Kitty-Princess-Contact-Lenses-Color-ChoicesNo harm done.

Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Hello-Kitty-Princess-Contact-Lenses

Kanji Transformers

Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Kanji Transformers

These aren’t funny or weird. They’re Just really, really cool.

Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Kanji Transformers 3 Buy Weird Stuff Japan - Kanji Transformers 2

Neko-Sushi Postcards

Neko-Sushi Cards - cat

These wonders were trending earlier in the year. As I understand it, a peanut company started making them as a way of advertising their product and the world went mad for them. I can see why. They’re simply magical. Cats dressed as sushi:

Neko-Sushi Cards - 5 Neko-Sushi Cards - 4 Neko-Sushi Cards - 3 Neko-Sushi Cards - 2

Floating Ripple Vase

Weird Stuff From Japan - Floating Ripple Vase

I like this, it’s simple, and I think the correct design term to use is elegant. But they cost about £9 a pop, that’s a bit rich for my blood. I reckon I could fashion one out of clingfilm if I put my mind to it. Or maybe I could get an empty packet of crisps, form it into a bowl shape and then leave it in the oven for a few hours?

Weird Stuff From Japan - Floating Ripple Vase 2

Senz Storm Umbrella

Senz Storm Umbrella - Japanese umbrella technology

Living in a windy seaside town I get to see a lot of inside-out umbrellas, destroyed by nothing more than a light coastal wind. This bad boy is a new breed of umbrella and they’re pretty confident of its performance:

…an umbrella for casual walks during tropical storms and Category 1 hurricanes.

Here she is in action:



So, you should be fully prepped for your next seasonal shopping fandango. If you haven’t found inspiration yet, click here for another selection of Japanese gift ideas.

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