Weird Image Silo #1

On September 21, 2014 by Tim Newman

AMAzing - What

As you can imagine, on my daily trawl through the internet’s stodgy ether I come across some oddities. Some of the  images I come across are pretty cool but not relevant to whatever I was looking for; or the images found didn’t constitute an article on their own, so I dump them all in a silo.

This weird image silo is fit to bursting, so rather than waste them I thought I’d dump a few of them here. It’s just a random bunch of pictures with little or nothing to do with each other.

Have a look through. I just couldn’t bring myself to delete them without giving you the chance to stare at them too…

Baby Pandas Hospital

Burning Man Festival, Nevada:


I call this one “risky maneuver”:

Bloke Chilling With Polar Bears

Church made out of 50,000 LEDs:

Cathedral Made from 55,000

Cement shoes…

cement shoes of a mafia victim Children Love Kim Jong Un Darwin Murdered God

Effects of Agent Orange:

Effects Of Agent Orange


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