The Big Players In Europe’s Political Far Right

On September 19, 2014 by Tim Newman

Finland – True Finns

Right Wing Europe - James Hirvisaari Finland

This group haven’t done as well in recent elections as was expected, but they’re still well known in their home country. Their MP James Hirvisaari (above) got himself in trouble with the courts when he went on a mad anti-Islamic rant on his blog which included the following…

Are we supposed to understand and accept the crimes of these brutes who are controlled by their primitive urges? I think we should harshly condemn them, their crimes and their criminal jungle culture.

Right Wing Europe - True Finns - Timo Soini

Their current leader Timo Soini (above) says that…

I am a Catholic Christian. By definition I cannot be a racist.


Soini also had this to say…

It may be good if the EU gets so big that it can no longer function – it will be like a rat with its hypothalamus removed, who keeps eating until it explodes.


More quotes for you now. Klaus Elovaara, a former True Finns politician from Tampere, discusses realpolitik…

Concentration camps for queers might work, but the guards should be staunch supporters of the hetero cause. I’m sure we could find a good number of volunteers who own bloodhounds for the job. The guards should be heavily armed and permitted to open fire if needed.

Ari Kajan, a True Finns politician from Vihti, discusses sexual fantasies…

Not everybody is down on their knees licking n*gger ass.

Juha Parkkila, a former True Finns politician from Haapajärvi, discusses linear progression and inner growth…

I started out with being a Nazi, then moved on to racism.

So all in all, a bunch of utter cretins by the looks of things.

Austria – Austrian Freedom

Right Wing Europe - Austrian Freedom - Heinz-Christian Strache

Austrian Freedom have 4 MEPs and around a fifth of the votes in Austria. Leader Heinz-Christian Strache (above) was quoted earlier this year saying –

If there are immigrants, from Turkey, who complain there is a cross hanging in the classroom at school, then I say to them: ‘go back home’.

Strache also had a prestigious award retracted after saying, ‘We are the new Jews,’ in response to protesters who heckled guests arriving at an event on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Denmark – Danish People’s Party

Right Wing Europe - Pia Kjærsgaard

Denmark – Danish People’s Party, formed in 1995, are lead by Kristian Thulesen Dahl. The DPP managed to secure more than 12% of the Danish votes in 2011.

In a response to the criticism from the Swedish government, former party leader Pia Kjærsgaard of the DPP (above) said:

If they want to turn Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö into a Scandinavian Beirut, with clan wars, honour killings and gang rapes, let them do it. We can always put a barrier on the Øresund Bridge.

They caused another stink with their depictions of Muhammed on their 2007 election poster. They read “Freedom of speech is Danish, censorship is not”, and “We stand our ground on Danish values”…

Right Wing Europe - Pia Kjærsgaard 2007 election poster muhammed

Assorted quotes… MP Jesper Langballe, Speech from the podium of Danish Parliament 2002…

Islam is a plague upon Europe.

MEP Mogens Camre, Danish People’s Party’s annual meeting 2004…

Let me say it clearly: Muslims should live in Muslim-Country, and this is not here.

MP Søren Krarup, Berlingske Tidende 2005…

Where Christianity rules, matters are related to the love of the things that one holds dear. On the other hand, where Islam rules, matters are related to a higher selfrightousness which logically culminates in an all consuming hatred and a scary urge to exterminate other people.

Holland – Dutch Party For Freedom

Right Wing Europe - Geert Wilders - Dutch Party For Freedom

The Dutch Party For Freedom have four seats in the EU parliament. At a rally their leader Geert Wilders (above and below) shouted “Do you want more or less Moroccans in this city and this country?” his minions returned with “Less! Less!” “We’ll arrange that,” he replied. He’s currently on trial for inciting violence.

Right Wing Europe - Geert Wilders - Dutch Party For Freedom 2

Wilders looks like a cross between David Dickinson and Boris Johnson don’t you think?

I’ve just picked out a small number of the leading groups across Europe, of course there are many more to worry about across our crazy continent. There’s little we can all do about it I guess, except vote sensibly when the time comes and make sure your friends and families do the same.







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