Pachinko: A Very Japanese Gambling Addiction

On June 9, 2014 by George Keeks

Pachinko Gambling Japan - neon

Pachinko is basically a mix between a pinball machine and slots, where the player uses shiny metal balls to land on bonus spots and win more balls. It first saw light as a children’s toy in the 1920’s and started its long history as a national obsession in the 30’s with the opening of the first commercial Pachinko parlor.

Because direct gambling is illegal, no money actually goes into or out of the machine. Instead you buy a bucket of balls from one of the attendants and exchange the ones you won for prizes. Prizes range from cigarettes to TV’s, but for the serious player these are a joke and a waste of your efforts. Instead of taking the balls to the prize table inside the parlor, serious players will take a walk just outside to the nearest filthy alley and exchange those balls for cold hard cash.

Pachinko Gambling Japan tokyo collection Pachinko Gambling Japan Sonic Pachinko Gambling Japan early 2000 Pachinko Gambling Japan external photo pachinkotokyo02 Pachinko Gambling Japan pachinko-parlor Pachinko Gambling Japan

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