Cosplay Mega Fails

On May 5, 2014 by Tim Newman

Cosplay Fails - wonder man

Cosplay is a massive thing nowadays, and whenever there’s something that loads of people do regularly, there’s bound to be individuals who are rubbish at it. Below is a collection of guys and gals who’ve had a jolly good go at cosplay but not done very well.

I don’t want you to think I’m mocking them though, I’m just happy that they’re having a nice time. That’s all you can really hope for as a human: to have a nice time. So let’s revel in other’s happiness shall we.

This might be the cosplayers first attempt, or they might think that they’ve actually nailed it. We don’t know. But as I say, it’s all fun in a bun until someone gets hurt…

Cosplay Fails - unattractive man in blue dress Cosplay Fails - thingBeing a wizardy-witch thing can be pretty exhausting work…

Cosplay Fails - Sleepy Time Witch

10 for effort though:

Cosplay Fails - skinnu kids

See what I mean? He’s having a nice time isn’t he?:

Cosplay Fails - Pokemon Cosplay Fails - pink kitty

I think this is my personal favourite: Optimus Subprime

Cosplay Fails - Optimus Prime

Worst Cosplay - Batman Worst Cosplay - Boulder Man Worst Cosplay - Chewbacca Worst Cosplay - Pikachu Worst Cosplay - Santa Worst Cosplay - Sonic PUBLISHED by Worst Cosplay - Starwars Worst Cosplay - Street Fighter Worst Cosplay - Transformer Worst Cosplay - X men

Cosplay Fails - older than neccessary

Yes, very amusing. She won’t be laughing when she realises her friends have left her at the club and she doesn’t have her wallet or shoes or a change of clothes…

Cosplay Fails - mermaid Cosplay Fails - meatloaf Cosplay Fails - lady big sword

Judging by the kid’s expression I’m assuming he just realised how incredibly dissimilar to the actual hulk he is:

Cosplay Fails - hulk kid Cosplay Fails - chains and whips

Dwayne Dibley?

Cosplay Fails - black superman Cosplay Fails - beard girl

How about all that then?

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