Video Of A Man Having A Really Really Bad Day

On September 21, 2013 by Tim Newman

Worst Day Ever

This video starts innocuously enough. Some chap is trying to reclaim his runaway golf ball from outside of a car park. Little does he know that this is just the start of his really bad day. The ball has rolled away from him which is annoying, but not enough to ruin your entire day. Then it all goes dramatically down hill. As he bends to pick up the offending item the car park barrier comes down hard on top of his cranium. He hits the deck clutching his bruised bonce.

That’s bad enough, but the impatient plum in the next car in line waiting for the barrier is determined to ruin his day. He either doesn’t see the semi-conscious man, or doesn’t care about him at all and drives over both his legs, with two wheels. Surely after one big bump in the road you would slow down? Surely? But no, he just ploughs on through to the other side. I hope he gets a nice parking spot.

One super witty YouTube user had this to say about that matter:

“What’s the difference between a cactus & a BMW? On a cactus the pricks are on the outside.”

Classy. Can this really be real?:


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