When 3D Printing Goes Wrong

On August 18, 2013 by Tim Newman

3D Printing Fails - Box

3D printing is a big leap forward on the printing scene, a sector mostly known for being frustratingly unreliable.

Standard printers are the bane of most office-workers lives. The toner is low, the paper has jammed, error code 122##12##3, please see your system administrator, yes I know you wanted it on A4 but I decided to do it on A1 paper.

3D printers are set to be a lot more useful than the old type, but like all fledgling technology, it’s bound to have some issues along the way. Here’s a selection of pictures that users have posted of their subpar 3D-printing results.

These are pieces of art in their own right.

This first monstrosity was supposed to be a Celtic skull, apparently. I’d rather have this on the mantle though.

3D Printing Fails - Celtic Skull

You can see the back end of the intended monster, but it looks like it’s puking silly string:

3D Printing Fails - Model Monster

Poor old owl….

3D Printing Fails - Owl

3D Printing Fail - Human Squished Head 3D Printing Fail - Beautiful Error

3D Printing Fails - Trojan Horse 3D Printing Fails - Unknown

3D Printing Fail - Is That A Pizza 3D Printing Fail - Melting 3D Printing Fail - Statue Of Liberty

This was going to be a bust of Walt Disney.

3D Printing Fails - Walt Disney

Lastly, this is a whistle that doesn’t whistle.

3D Printing Fails - Whistle

Beautiful technology……….


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