The World’s 23rd Full Face Transplant Was A Roaring Success: One Year On

On June 28, 2013 by Tim Newman

Richard Lee Norris Face Transplant 2013 After Shooting Accident

After a horrific shooting accident Richard Lee Norris, now 38, lived as a recluse for 15 years. He only ventured out at night, and when he did he always wore a mask. He lost about half of his face in the accident, including most of his upper and lower jaw, his lips, teeth, tongue, the power of speech and all of his confidence.

Richard’s surgery took place in Maryland Medical Centre in March 2012 and took around 36 hours, now he can shave, talk, smell and smile. Life is looking a lot brighter for the poor chap. The pictures, I think you will all agree, are pretty incredible.

Richard Lee Norris Face Transplant 2013 - After Surgery

The surgery took place just over 2 years ago, the picture above is from a couple of days after the surgery. Having gone through the procedure it took him three days to muster the courage to ask for a mirror. When Richard finally saw his reflection he was more than pleased, he thanked the surgeon, then gave him a hug.

With a face transplant, there are donors of course, and his new face is actually a collection of two people’s features who’s families have asked for privacy. So here’s a picture of them… only joking.

Below the flesh lies new bone, here’s how his skull has been intricately renewed and refortified:

Richard Lee Norris Face Transplant 2013 - Skull Image

Amazing stuff. Here he is fishing with his new face in GQ magazine. You wouldn’t look twice would you.

Richard Lee Norris_face-transplant - GQ

He can go fishing whenever he darned well fancies now…

Richard Lee Norris Face Transplant 2013 - After Surgery - Fishing

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