Bloke From Philippines Has Surgery To Look Like Superman

On September 9, 2013 by Tim Newman

Herbert Chavez - Superman - Surgery - With Collection

I mean, most people like Superman. You know, he can fly and shoot lazers out of his eyes and things. What’s not to like? But this chap from the Philippines has gone a little far.

This Superman wannabe – Herbert Chavez – has been addicted to this made up person since the age of five, but unlike most people he never went off him. Since then, in his mission to look more and more like Superman, he’s had a literal butt load of surgeries. He’s spent about £4,400 pounds which seems pretty reasonable, until you remember that the average wage for someone in the Philippines is under a pound an hour. I just get the feeling he could have spent his money more wisely?

His list of physical adaptations include nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction, jaw realignment, pec implants and even bum implants. Does anyone else think he may have underlying psychological issues?

Oh well, as long as he’s having a nice time I spose.

Herbert Chavez - Superman - Surgery - Before and After 2 Herbert Chavez - Superman - Surgery - Before and After Herbert Chavez - Superman - Surgery - Pose Herbert Chavez - Superman - Surgery - Running

Here’s an article about a guy who had a full face transplant if you’re interested.


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