Video Of A Massive Snake Opening A Door All By Itself

On June 19, 2013 by Tim Newman

Julius - Escaping Snake - Jenner - Opening Door video

Snakes on a plane? Whatever next. I’ll tell you what next: A snake opening a door. Video uploader – Jenner – in Germany posted this up a few years ago. I’m guessing it’s not a fake.

According to Jenner’s note under the video the snake is called Julius, and they have to make sure the doors in the house remain locked so he can’t terrorize the neighbours. The notes also say he switched the light on before opening the door, there’s no evidence of that in the clip but I’m still scared. Here’s Julius:

Julius - Escaping Snaker - Jenner - Opening Door

I find this video creepier than I thought I would, maybe it’s the dull thud as his huge body hits the floor or the fact that snakes are clearly growing more intelligent by the hour. I thought snakes were supposed to be pretty dim? Obviously I have underestimated them big time. We are all in a lot of trouble if they decide to turn.

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