Drunk Fella In India Eaten By Massive Snake?

On November 30, 2013 by Tim Newman

Snake eats drunk man in india

I got passed this story by my sister-in-law would you believe, and thought to myself “ahhh… what a lovely tale”. Perfect Saturday morning drama.

If you’ve missed it here’s the summary: some guy in India passed out drunk by a booze shop and got eaten by a massive snake. I read the article and then skipped to the comments section where there was the normal hubbub of people shouting at each other using awful grammar and then other people shouting back with good grammar but no sense. You know, the normal internet fisty cuffs that people don’t seem to be able to do without these days.

The story goes that a guy got drunk, passed out, got squeezed by a big reptile and consequently consumed.

The truth unfortunately (or probably fortunately) is that the photo above has been banging around on the internet for ages and no one knows what the snake’s eaten or where. Similar stories using the same picture have cropped up in China, Indonesia, South Africa and Malaysia.

Snake eats drunk man in india google search

So it’s a crock of turds by the looks of things. A lot of people are also saying that snakes can’t fit human sized shoulders down their throats which is quite possibly true too. But not outside the realms of possibility.

Ten years ago a ten-year-old boy was reportedly eaten by a python in Durban, South Africa and just last month a ten-foot Burmese python smashed down a couple of kitties in Florida. So these guys do like a snack. But this time it looks like it was all a hoax, or just a case of Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, African and Malaysian whispers.

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