Blue Lagoon In Buxton Dyed Black To Discourage Idiots

On June 11, 2013 by Tim Newman

Toxic Derbyshire Blue Lagoon - Before

Near Buxton, there’s a disused quarry. It looks like a tropical paradise with its beautiful secluded blue waters.

Harpur Hill’s blue lagoon has become a tourist spot for many, with people coming from as far as Liverpool to check out its wonder and majesty.

The problem is, the water is toxic.

Normal, clean water has a pH value of about 7 – i.e. neutral, but the Harpur Hill puddle is around pH 11. To put that into perspective, bleach is 12. So, this tropical pond is about as alkaline as ammonia.

Toxic Derbyshire Blue Lagoon - Danger Sign

It also contains broken glass, dead animals, and other impressive hazards. Despite this, there are no end of people who take the plunge.

Beyond the health concerns, there’s another problem: Due to its popularity, it generates traffic, which completely blocks access to nearby towns. This infuriates the locals no end.

So, High Peak Borough Council, who haven’t been able to get through to the owner — who clearly can’t be bothered to pay for it to be filled in — have dyed the water black to put people off. Now it looks like this:

Toxic Derbyshire Blue Lagoon - After

It’s a bit of a shame really, but what you gonna do? Idiots will be idiots.

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