Old Horror Film Posters & Theatrical Trailers Part 2

On June 6, 2013 by Tim Newman

Old Horror Films - Retro Film Posters - The Black Sleep

Welcome back to the second installment of classic old horror film posters and theatrical trailers. If you missed part one of this B-Movie horror train, CLICK HERE or forever hold your peace. I’ve got some right doozies for you today. Try not to get too scared please.

The Black Sheep

The poster above is from The Black Sleep, AKA Dr Cadman’s Secret, filmed in 1956, it features a crazed neurosurgeon. He kidnaps unsuspecting humans and tries to find the solution for his wife’s brain tumour within his victim’s living brains. As ever, completely terrifying idea, but the poster is the best part.

Old Horror Films - Retro Film Posters - The Black Sleep - Full

Here’s the trailer:



The Brain Eaters

Old Horror Films - Retro Film Posters - The Brain Eaters

Having had a pretty thorough search through old horror film posters, I think the poster for The Brain Eaters from 1958 is my favourite of the bunch. The Brain Eaters, a lovely tale of alien parasites, was filmed in just six days. Doesn’t show. Apparently these alien beasts are “twisting the emotions of women…… distorting our men”. Woah.


Pillow Of Death

Pillow of Death from 1945 is a tale of murder and intrigue invloving a falsely accused husband who believes he is receiving messages from the wife he is blamed for murdering with a pillow. I couldn’t find any clips I’m afraid. It’s sounds pretty rubbish anyway so don’t worry.

Old Horror Films - Retro Film Posters - Pillow Of Death

The Mummy

Boris Karloff “the Uncanny” in The Mummy, pictured below, is another of those films that encompassed a genre that’s kept reeling well into the modern day.

Old Horror Films - Retro Film Posters - Karloff The Uncanny In The Mummy

Karloff made dozens of silent films but is best known for his horror work that included The Mummy and Frankenstein, apparently the shoes he had to wear as Frankenstein weighed 5kg each (that’s the weight of 10 cans of lager per foot).

Boris Karloff The Uncanny - Horror Star

History Collection

Here’s the trailer for The Mummy:



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