Classy Russian Guerilla Street Art

On April 12, 2013 by Tim Newman

Novosibirsk - Cozy Russian Street Art

When I think of Russian street art, I think of blood-red words splattered on the walls of a military complex, or swear words marker-penned onto people’s front doors. That’s not what I actually found.

Maybe I should stop focusing on the Russians who are smashed on vodka all day long and have a look at the emerging talents instead.

These nameless guys have managed to give a cold imposing external light fitting an ultra cozy make over. They snook in under the cover of darkness and erected a rather wonderful lamp shade installation.

Some might call it a pointless waste of time and money, but I wouldn’t. I love the fact that people are prepared to go so far out of their way, just to see what it will look like.

These surprise lamp shades reside in the third largest city in Russia, Novosibirsk. It clearly took a lot of research and forethought as far as measurements were concerned, this was no moment of spontaneity, this took some effort.

Here’s some video of the finished product:

The council were going to remove it initially, but the people of Novosibirsk wrote letters of defence for the welcome new edition, and it looks like it might remain for a while.

Novosibirsk - Lamp Shade Installation

I had a look for other street art from Novosibirsk, and these are what I found for you:

Novosibirsk - Key Detail


Novosibirsk - Street Art

Novosibirsk - P183

Novosibirsk - Street Art

Russian Collection

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