Bears In Russian Streets – Fact Or Fiction?

On June 29, 2014 by Tim Newman

Bear and Cat

Seeing a bear in a public place must be a bit of a worry. I mean, they’re massive and they eat animals, and we’re an animal, and they’re wild so they’re probably hungry. I don’t think I’d be particularly happy about it if one crossed my path or vice versa.

Seeing bears in the streets of Russia is one of those things that I always assumed was either made up for effect or at least very rare. But I came across an article today that sets out to show that bears actually do turn up in the towns and cities of Russia. Maybe not on a constant basis, but judging by the 60 odd photos they presented, it’s not all that rare, especially in rural parts.

Some of these guys look like they’re pets, others are defo wild. There are some pretty ace pictures here…

Bear At A Picnic Table Bear at the window

Bear Attacking Pig bear for a walk

Russian Collection

Bear having a nice time Bear in a car bear on a bench bear on a bus

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