Hilarious And Worrying Comments From Right Wing Social Media Pages #2

On March 7, 2015 by Louis Falasha
Racist Social Media Oleg Popov
Oleg popov2” by Patrick Glanz – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I was watching that film ‘Inglorious Basterds’ the other night. I thought the Basterds, a group of Nazi hunters, were cool and were rooting for them when they shot Hitler’s head off. Then it occurred to me that that’s how fascists must feel when the roles are reversed They believe their enemy is as evil as the Basterds did theirs. The only difference is we have the option to laugh!

So, here’s the second installment of comical and scary ignorance from a variety of right wing Facebook pages. First up is good ‘ol…

Britain First

Racist Social Media Islam

Err, isn’t that what they fundamentally want for anyone that isn’t British? And doesn’t the Christian God do some pretty harsh smiting? Anyway, here’re some comments:

Sounds like the DEVIL to me

Bush believed fish and humans could co exist and blew up his own buildings then said it was other people … atleast this guy was honest in his agenda :’)

Now the far left do the same with the Christians but through other means.

True! Mohamed was also a child molester

For world peace GET RID OF ISLAM and it’s followers worldwide NOW or they will start WW3

Islam is a cult of the devil and the sooner a declared war comes, the better.

Christian God turned them to Salt of killed them in a flood…


Racist Social Media St George

Just FYI, St George was from Palestine…

No not really he had nothing to do with us, all we did was took his cross and said it was ours.

And upset Russell Brand

cant do that ,you might upset the muslims,!!

Yes of course it should be a national holiday , BUT its British so the government will not allow it.

Just to be allowed to fly the flag without being told to take it down in case it offends other nationalities would do for me.

Definitely …My Mother was a Devout Christian ….She played the Church Organ regularly …..And Passed Away on St Georges Day 2013….she was 92 L” (Just do it for the guy’s mum, ok?)

Excellent…and if the muslims and other freeloading immigrants object they can work that day. perhaps something to pay back all the government benefits they get

You people make me laugh……..bunch of rednecks………the BNP can’t even spell.

Well the muzzes call them selfs British and English, wonder if they would celebrate it

This one’s from a page called ‘Ban the Burqa’. How original.

Racist Social Media Ban The Burqa

Yeah, ‘cause everyone in an Islamic country hates us. Divs.

what kind of a dickhead gives them aid?

Bloody good idea.why were they given in the first place?

Ban all foreign aid, charity begins at home, rehome all our poor ex squaddies the government have deserted and have nothing after protecting our country and freedom

Give em sh*t Thay don’t want to live like us so piss em off the Planet

Just what hubby was sayinig today

They should not receive a cent, worthless savages!!

I thought this was why we invented nuclear weapons (What!)

Just found an extremely far right page called…

I Love White People

Racist Social Media I love White People

These are horrific.

Time to kill these monkeys and return European countries back to their natural ethnicity

That’s why I live in America I’ll shoot a mother f**ker

They must be quelled, an evil to surpass all else.

Clearly there are people in numerous positions that must be removed, by force. Vigilante force.

Another one from ‘I Love White People’. Here are some comments on Vice’s report on the Newcastle ‘white man march’.

Sieg Heil!

About time

I wish I could be there my brothers and sisters I be marching side by side with you

this aint no slap down u gettin clapt clown me and me isis boiz comin to yo crib guna fuk yo bitches steal yo hoes hide yo kids hide yo goats we fuken em too. we will also rape furniture and random inanimate objects.


PEDIGA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West)

Racist Social Media Bigot

PEDIGA were initially a German political organization formed last year but they seem to be spreading rapidly.

‘Sigh’, patriotism isn’t the issue. It’s the bullying aggression that comes with posting something like this.

Yes fk the enemies this is our country not thiers… NS

Proud that my family is from England, wish I was there to help. Send up some to Prayers to God, and muhammad can suck it.

my union jacks a peranant fixture outside my house – only a 3 by 2 so council wont get annoyed. ive also got my eu flag ready to go up with a cross right through it and “TO” one side of the cross “IC” the other.-toxic. may add “to great britain” as well.

“DIVERSITY” is a code word for White Genocide! ……We have had our boarders deliberately opened so we are to be totally swamped? Any one resisting this evil is a “Racist” “Bigot” or a “Nazi” etc etc? The sooner you all take that on board, then organise accordingly, the better! or we are going no where.

leftists are the destroyers of nations and personal identity and proffesional haters

Welcome to Northern Ireland 10+ years ago and the peoples suppression under the British army.

Britain Furst

Lastly, some light relief courtesy of my favourites, ‘Britain Furst’. Doing the same as I am here.

We’ve been told her hips don’t lie, but I’m prepared to think otherwise. Say no to Shakira’s Law.

Racist Social Media Queen in a burka Racist Social Media racist Dress Racist Social Media St George

That was funny! Oh what a joy it is to have the ability to think.

If you enjoyed that here’s the first bit:

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…and here’s more racism:






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