Trisha Tells A Racist He’s 14% African On Live TV

On January 16, 2014 by Tim Newman

Mazi Town - Leith - Craig Cobb and signs

Craig Paul Cobb is a neo-Nazi who tried to take over the sleepy town of Leith, North Dakota in 2013. Cobb is a man who believes that whites should stay white and that other races are less important and less intelligent. He is a hateful man who is responsible for a lot of wrong doing and wrong thinking. His mantra is “racism is my religion” and he often claims that he wants a “racial holy war”, how charming.

For some reason he agreed to go on Trisha, as part of the show he had a DNA test to see trace his genetic origins – he got a bit of a shock.

So who is this Cobb character? Well, he’s been in the news for attempting to buy up the entire town of Leith and turn it into a fascist safe haven, but where did he come from?

Craig Cobb - Trisha - Armed

His father was a rich business man and his mother a teacher, he grew up in Boston and moved to Edmonton Canada after serving in the military. After 5 years in Canada he moved to Hawaii where he was a cab driver for 25 years before moving to West Virginia. It was whilst in West Virginia he became active. He opened a grocery store, and on the side he distributed a neo-Nazi newspaper. He also handed out propaganda CDs to school kids as part of Panzerfaust Record’s plans to subvert the nation’s youth and turn them racist.

In 2005 he received a significant inheritance and moved to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia to continue his “work”. He set up an “international office of white diaspora” and a video based website called Podblanc that pumps out reams of fascist videos into the ether.

Craig Cobb - Trisha - speaking

In 2009 he got the attention of the Estonian government and was banned from the country for 10 years so he moved back to Canada. In 2010 he got arrested in Vancouver for inciting hatred but got released with a summons, so he took the opportunity to skip off to the USA.

Cobb never hides his views, which makes him unpopular wherever he goes. He picketed outside a 50 Cent concert, called Rosa Parks a “sh*tskin communist” and let out details of a judge’s home address that possibly led to the murder of two of her family members. He is a bad man, and a man the world could do without.

Craig Cobb - Trisha - flag

So, to see him look a fool on international telly is a charm. Here’s our English jewel Trisha making him look stupid. Unfortunately, because Cobb is so entrenched in his own way of thinking he hardly seems to flinch. But hopefully what he’s been taught by Trisha will sink in over the coming months. Basically, he’s 14% sub-Saharan African. Well done Trisha:



Those sorts of DNA tests certainly aren’t 100% accurate, but that doesn’t take away from how incredibly jokes it is. And the fun doesn’t stop there. If you like a healthy dose of comeuppance just wait right there:

The racist enclave that Cobb was setting up in Leith, North Dakota didn’t like Trisha’s findings at all. One of his own followers took the DNA test very seriously and vandalised his property painting “BACK IN BLACK” on his house wall. You have to love that don’t you? A white supremacist getting a taste of his own medicine.

After the graffiti incident Cobb started wandering through the streets fully armed, that’s not legal in the US and he was sent to court. Because of his previous habit of running from the law the judge set his bail at 1 million bucks as a preventative measure. He has since sold his lots in Leith and claims he’s retiring from the racist game. Let’s hope so.





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