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On November 3, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Tattoo

FACT OF THE DAY: Most people have eyebrows.

There’s no finesse or deep meaning to this. It’s simply an opportunity to snigger at other people’s misdirected hair trimming. I make no apologies. You clicked on it so you obviously want to see them so shut up and scroll.

As a male I feel pretty lucky that I’m not required to do any maintenance of my facial hair (despite what others may say to the contrary). I simply will not carve out the centre of my mono-brow, it’s how it grows, and I’m not starting down that slippery sloppy slope of waxing. Once you’ve begun you can never stop. And it always, always ends badly, as you will see.

Ladies generally have to do at least some topiary of the face, and I do not envy them the task. You need to take a bit of hair away, but not too much. The eyebrows are the window to the soul. Don’t break that window.

Before we get going, a word from Wikipedia:

The eyebrow is an area of thick, delicate hairs above the eye that follows the shape of the lower margin of the brow ridges of some mammals

– not today it isn’t…..

Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Anaconda Unibrow Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Biggest

Here’s one that I got emailed today. Please do send any you find (friends or family) to @timboynewtron or via FB.

Amazingly Bad Eyebrows

Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Drawing Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Epic

Awful Terrible Eyebrows - worst ever 3 Awful Terrible Eyebrows - worst ever 2

Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Favourite Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Flat 2 Eyebrows - Weird Bad Ugly - Flat


Weird Scary Strange Eyebrow Argument Weird Scary Strange Eyebrow In A Rush Weird Scary Strange Eyebrow Severe 2 Weird Scary Strange Eyebrow Severe Back Comb Weird Scary Strange Eyebrow Severe


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