Chad Roberts’ Snazzy Beard Moves

On March 31, 2013 by Lazer Horse

Chad Roberts - Amazing Beard - Aerofoil

I had the luxury of going to one of the International Beard and Moustache championships when they were held in Brighton. It was a true joy. Stood in a hall of semi-drunk beardies from across the globe. There was military garb, muskateer regalia and fur hats. Today I came across some pictures of a young IT Administrator called Chad Roberts with a beard over 30cm long from Richmond, Virginia. He is free styling the living sin out of his facial furniture.

He is both the RVA Beard League President and Founder and on his official profile there are some deep delving questions to help us get to know him a bit better. When asked who would look better with facial hair he answered Optimus Prime, which is a great answer, and also the truth.

Look at this chap and feel the beard envy. I think the beer holder version is my fave, not sure why?

Chad Roberts - Amazing Beard - Bald Eagle

Chad Roberts - Amazing Beard - Beer Holder

Chad Roberts - Amazing Beard - Ring Master

Chad Roberts - Amazing Beard - Spiderman

Chad Roberts - Amazing Beard - X-Wing

Pretty good don’t you think?

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