Who am I? If you’ve stumbled on this blog accidently, welcome to you. I am Tim, and here is where you will find some of my writing.

Music is the thing that keeps me sane and sanitised but recently I’ve found writing amusing too. I’ve been writing this blog for a few years off and on now, and regardless of how few people look at it, I shall continue because it eases my brain strings as I splurge word goo on to the computer. It feels like I am a cow, the computer is my teets and the sentences are the milk. And everyone enjoys a good old fashioned milking to releave the pressure don’t they? I guess if the sentences are the milk that makes you, the reader, a consumer of Grade A milk. So let’s hope I don’t stray too close to the onion patch and taint the produce yeah?

Those are the important facts about me, there’s nothing more you need to know. Unless anyone out there wants me to review an album or a gig, then let me know and I will. No charge. Freebies only. timboynewtron@hotmail.com


Also you can find more of my brain worms here: http://www.sickchirpse.com/author/lazer-horse/

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