Photographer Luc Kordas: Life In High Contrast

On January 10, 2017 by Tim Newman


Luc Kordas has been taking photos for over a decade. In the early days, he focused on portraits and street photography; still today, that’s where his passion lies.

For the past 2 years, Kordas has lived in New York, but Poland is his ancestral home. He has a passion for travel and capturing the edges of scenes.

With a keen eye for an unusual vista, his work is moody and intimate; regardless of the scope of the subject matter – a human face, a mountain range – it all feels claustrophobic in an unearthly and touching way.

Below are a selection of images from his extensive back catalogue. If you would like to see more, here are links to his OFFICIAL WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK.


luc-kordas-usa-table-top luc-kordas-usa-sunset luc-kordas-usa-lake luc-kordas-usa-death-valley

Kordas has exhibited his work across the US and Europe and won a range of awards. He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us here at Lazer Horse.

We asked about his travels, his favourite countries, and whether there were any places he wouldn’t want to return to:

“I have been on the road for over 10 years and travelled to many countries. Most recently, I fell in love with Iceland. My other favorites are Scotland and Italy. No, there isn’t any country I would never want to go back to.”

Gleason’s Gym

New York Chronicles New York Chronicles New York Chronicles


luc-kordas-portraits-woman luc-kordas-portraits-men-with-guns luc-kordas-new-york-portrait

New York

New York Chronicles luc-kordas-new-york-girl-on-bike New York Chronicles

Kordas has taken more than his fair share of pictures in the mean streets of New York. We asked whether he’d ever found himself in a spot of bother; he said:

“Doing street photography isn’t really dangerous but certainly can put you on the spot. I got in minor trouble a couple of times, nothing too serious though. When someone objects to me taking their photos I always try to explain what I do and why I do it.”


luc-kordas-india-motorbike luc-kordas-india-little-boy luc-kordas-india-kali luc-kordas-india-drum

As for inspiration, Kordas quotes the work of “HCB, Willy Ronis, Vivian Maier, Gary Winogrand and thousands of others.”


luc-kordas-iceland-road luc-kordas-iceland-bleak luc-kordas-iceland-bird

Hasidic Jews In New York

luc-kordas-hasidic-jews-in-new-york-profile luc-kordas-hasidic-jews-in-new-york-posters luc-kordas-hasidic-jews-in-new-york-kid-on-a-bike luc-kordas-hasidic-jews-in-new-york-autoglass


Many thanks to Luc for his time. We hope he keeps traveling and snapping.

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