Leonardo da Vinci: Rarely Seen Sketches

On October 2, 2016 by Tim Newman


Leonardo da Vinci was a man with a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. He dabbled in architecture, science, music, engineering, literature, geology, astronomy, cartography and anything else he fancied.

Da Vinci was also well known for being pretty fresh with a brush. Although he wasn’t a particularly prolific painter, he certainly was a prolific sketcher.

Below are a bunch of sketches that da Vinci completed throughout his life. He left us with a virtual treasure trove of art and, because of its sheer size, most people haven’t seen even a fraction of it.

I found a website that contains a load of his sketches, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you:

leonardo-da-vinci-artillery leonardo-da-vinci-cari-man leonardo-da-vinci-horse-and-rider leonardo-da-vinci-inside-skull leonardo-da-vinci-siege-machine leonardo-da-vinci-tuscany leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-anatomy-neck leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-cats leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-christ-figure leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-coition leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-dragon-fight leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-face-and-eye leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-fetus leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-grotesque leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-leda leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-shoulder-2 leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-shoulder-3 leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-shoulder-and-neck leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-skeleton leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-study-of-woman leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-study-pf-man leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-womb leonardo-da-vinci-sketches-horse-fight

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