Simon Beck’s Incredible Sand / Snow Art

On December 6, 2015 by Tim Newman

Simon Beck Art - Snow Star

I must admit, I like to have a bit of wander. It helps clear the goop from between my ears and gives me an opportunity to work out the creases in my master plan to take over the universe.

Simon Beck also likes to have a stroll, but his strolls seem to be slightly more pointed than mine. He walks in patterns in snow or sand and creates mesmerising masterpieces.

In his real life he makes orienteering maps, but in his spare time, he lets his feet do the talking. Although, according to Beck, his feet are “in a bad way” he’s showing no signs of packing in.

When asked to explain how he manages such smooth curves and accurate lines, he says:

Stage 1 is measuring. Usually I work outwards from the center. Straight lines are made by using the compass and walking in a straight line towards a point in the distance, curves are made by judgement. Both require a lot of practice to get it good.

When the primary straight lines and curves have been made, points are measured along them using pace counting for distance measurement.

Next the secondary lines are added by joining the points determined by the above process Usually I walk the lines 3 times to get them really good, if there is enough time.

Lastly the shaded areas are filled in.

However he manages it, the results are great:

Simon Beck Art - Centre of Star Simon Beck Art - Dragon At Angle Simon Beck Art - Dragon At Sunset Simon Beck Art - Human Tracks Simon Beck Art - Imagine Beach Simon Beck Art - LSD Meets The Sea Simon Beck Art - Pyramid In Sand Simon Beck Art - RT Snow Simon Beck Art - Running Simon Beck Art - Sand Star 2 Simon Beck Art - Sand Star Simon Beck Art - Snow Star Close Up Simon Beck Art - Twisted Sand Star





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