Man Howls Into The Woods, The Woods Howl Back

On January 4, 2015 by Tim Newman

Coyote Call In Forest Calls Back

This video really put the willies up me good and proper. There’s a chap sitting in a chair in the woods with a gun, that’s pretty scary on its own, but that’s not why this clip is scary.

The video starts with the armed fella in the chair making an impressive coyote howling sound. Then he waits…

When the response comes back, my response was “OMG”. And I expect yours will be to. Why he doesn’t pack up his garden chair and immediately run back to his car I have no idea.

Apparently the man in the chair is Jason Groseclose, two-time World Coyote Howling Champion, now that’s a competition I had no idea existed.

Listen to this:



Pretty chilling, yeah? Now, I can’t leave you without showing you Groseclose doing his thing at a professional level. Here he is performing at the 2011 World Predator Calling Championship:



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