The Incredible Statues Of Mongolia

On September 12, 2014 by Tim Newman

Buddha statue next to Zaisan monument in Ulaanbaatar…

Statues of Mongolia - Buddha

… and, another Mongolian Buddha with nice views of Ulaanbaatar’s surrounding tundra…

Statues of Mongolia - Small Buddha

Lenin was removed from Ulaanbaatar’s centre by the mayor in 2012 who said the statue represented repression…

Statues of Mongolia - Vladimir Lenin toppled 2012

The statue below was designed by New York artistic collaborators – FAILE:

Statues of Mongolia - Wolf Within, 2012, Fiberglass, Steel & Granite

Statues of Mongolia - Wolf Within, 2012, Fiberglass 2

I’ve left this picture until last because it’s not a statue but it is made of rock and paint, so it’s in the right ballpark:

Statues of Mongolia - Genghis stones and paintr

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