The Incredible Statues Of Mongolia

On September 12, 2014 by Tim Newman

Don’t know anything about this one:

Statues of Mongolia - disembodied head

Not too sure about this phallic number either…

Mongolia Statues - phallic

The next three statues are situated along the road leading to Mongolia’s Dinosaur Fairyland. It sounds as awesome as it is. Stuck out on the border between Mongolia and China, the theme park was built in an attempt to lure more trade to the region.

The problem is that Dinosaur Fairyland is near absolutely nothing at all, and no one can be bothered to go all the way out there to see it.

Click here for more info and pictures: DINOSAUR FAIRYLAND MONGOLIA

Statues of Mongolia - Dinosaur Fairyland China 2 Statues of Mongolia - Dinosaur Fairyland China 3 Statues of Mongolia - Dinosaur Fairyland China

Below is another massive Genghis on his 850th birthday, celebrated for the first time across the whole country in 2012. It turns out that Mongolian soldiers have a pretty fresh style:

Statues of Mongolia - Genghis Khan in Ulan Bator 850th

Continued overleaf…


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