10 Wonderful Examples Of Camouflage In Nature

On August 31, 2014 by Tim Newman

9) Merlet’s Scorpionfish

Animals Best Camouflage - Merlet’s Scorpionfish 2

Most scorpionfish don’t do camouflage, but Merlet’s certainly does, and it does it with a pretty jaunty dose of panache. These guys, as their name suggests, are pretty poisonous. They have spines covered in a toxic mucus.

Animals Best Camouflage - Merlet’s Scorpionfish

10) Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

Animals Best Camouflage - Uroplatus phantasticus leaf tailed gecko

Another gecko, and what a blinder. Even its Latin name is amazing – Uroplatus phantasticus. These 6 inch long masters of beguiling disguise are only found in Madagascar.


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