10 Wonderful Examples Of Camouflage In Nature

On August 31, 2014 by Tim Newman

4) Stone Fish

Animals Best Camouflage - Stone Fish

These guys are a terrifying mix of impossible to spot and lethally poisonous. They’re the most venomous fish in the sea and a tickle from one of their spines can kill a human in two hours. These hidden neurotoxin carrying stone fish are members of the Synaceia family and are widely distributed throughout warmer oceans.

It’s recommended that you swim rather than walk over rocks in areas where stone fish chill out. The harder you step on them the more toxin they release into you, so if you are walking, walk lightly.

Animals Best Camouflage - Stone Fish 2

5) Pygmy Seahorse

Animals Best Camouflage - Pygmy Seahorse 2

What a little ripper. There are at least 7 different species of pygmy seahorse, all of which live in and around coral and have become pretty darned impressive at hiding among it. They’re found in Asia all the way down to Australasia, although you probably wouldn’t actually find them, they’re ace at hiding and most don’t ever reach more than 2 cm in length.

Animals Best Camouflage - Pygmy Seahorse

Animal Collection on LAZERHORSE.ORG

6) Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Animals Best Camouflage - Mossy leaf-tailed gecko on rock

To be quite honest if I hadn’t been told there was a gecko in the picture above I wouldn’t have noticed it. It’s a pretty thorough disguise. The mossy leaf-tailed gecko Uroplatus sikorae is a Madagascan species of gecko that not only shapes itself to its surroundings but can also change its skin tone to match. Thanks to deforestation the mossy leaf-tailed gecko is now classed as endangered.

Here’s a picture of it out of hiding so you can see what it actually looks like…

Animals Best Camouflage - Mossy leaf-tailed gecko on door

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