Hollow Earth Theory: What’s All That About?

On August 30, 2014 by Tim Newman

Hollow Earth Theory - evidence

Hollow earth theory is sort of similar to the flat earth theory. It was very popular back in the olden days but has since been filed in the drawer marked “Nah… probably not”. Unlike the flat earth theory, though, there are a good few people around who still think there’s some truth in it.

The general idea is that the the earth is either hollow or contains a substantial amount of space within it. Some theorists claim there is also an internal sun at the centre. Although, to anyone who has a basic understanding of modern geology and astronomy, the claims seems a little, well, nuts, there’s still plenty of willing proponents.

Hollow Earth Theory - concentric rings

Hollow earth conspiracists generally believe that there’s an entrance at the North and/or South pole via which one can enter and visit this central plane.

Within can be found creatures who live, safe from earthly pollution including ancient tribes and wooly mammoths. Why are these huge openings to the inner earth not visible on satellite footage and Google Earth? Government conspiracy, obviously. The bankers don’t want the pristine creatures below disturbing their “slaves”.

Despite the fact that there have been many Polar adventures, the theory’s darlings are not convinced that all of the questions have been answered.



Hollow Earth Theory - sheol

So, where did this all start? Well, right at the birth of the written word pretty much. Ancient Greeks, Jews, Buddhists, Thracians, Mesopotamians, Celts, Siberians, Native Americans of the North and South. They all had some kind of hollow earth theory of their own.

But, just because an idea is old doesn’t make it any more true; but, it suggests to me a general human penchant for believing we don’t live on solid rock. It’s as if a hollow earth makes sense to the human brain, and perhaps that’s why it has persisted for so long.

Edmond Halley 1692

Hollow Earth Theory - Edmund Halley

Halley put forth a hollow earth theory which included concentric internal rings. He believed we have an external crust, two internal concentric rings and a central core, all of which have atmosphere in between and rotate independently. Halley theorised that the aurora borealis was produced by gas released from these separated atmospheres.

John Cleves Symmes, Jr 1881

Hollow Earth Theory - concentric

Cleves Symmes became one of the most famous hollow earth proponents when he released his theory which consisted of a hollow outer shell, four internal shells and large openings at the surface of both poles.

He proposed a trip to the North Pole to investigate. President at the time – John Quincy Adams – was behind the idea, but left office before it could take place. The next president, Andrew Jackson, was having none of it and halted the expedition…


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