The Global Selfie Project #2

On August 9, 2014 by Tim Newman

Selfie Global - Brazil Header

Welcome to part 2 of the Global Selfie Project. If you missed PART 1 click there. Basically, I thought that trying to find a selfie taken in every single country might be entertaining, and you know what? it was.

I’ve tried to avoid the easy ones of teen girls, because they’re everywhere and part of a teenage girl’s mandate is to try and look as similar to the next one as possible. So that would have been a boring collection, one pout is pretty much the same as another. Whilst looking for photos, if I didn’t manage to find an interesting selfie for a particular country I just used a good picture featuring some of the country’s general populous; I think that was my main reason for doing this project in the first place. I just like gorping at people.

So we’re off to South-East Asia first…


Globale Selfie Project - Cambodia


Selfie Global - Cameroon


Selfie Global - Canada

Cape Verde

Selfie Global - Cape Verde

Central African Republic

Selfie Global - Central African Republic


Selfie Global - Chad 2



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