The Most Horrible Video I’ve Seen For Ages

On May 30, 2014 by Tim Newman
Chiense drive over child in market

This is the worst video I’ve seen for ages. Please don’t watch it if you are easily upset or even just slightly sensitive. It’s pretty gruesome and also pretty unbelievable. I like to think that people are generally good at heart, but perhaps I’m wrong. I’m assuming this CCTV footage comes from China by the language on screen, but I couldn’t tell Korean from Chinese etc so I don’t know for sure, but it’s Asian, possibly Philippines. I can’t seem to find much about its origin at all as it’s just via FB. It may be the darkest viral advertising campaign ever for all I know…

LATE EDIT: the video is genuine, click here for a Guardian article about it. Also, there have been some people who have asked me to take this post down because it is horrible (true) and described it as “toddler snuff”. Please don’t watch this clip if you have kids, because it will upset you. I have made the decision to keep the article up here because taking it down won’t mean it hasn’t happened. I feel I have now warned you all adequately of the serious nature of the video and if you watch it, it is up to you. On Lazer Horse I put up anything that effects me emotionally, for better or for worse. This clip is literally jaw dropping so I posted it. It says something about humanity.

Watch this and worry about humans…

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