Stamps Featuring Fungi From Around The World

On May 25, 2014 by Tim Newman
Strange Stamps - Fungus - Jordan


If you thought putting up a post about old North Korean stamps was weird, wait ’til you get a load of this. So I was enjoying searching out images of weird stamps when I came across a website owned by a mycologist called David Moore. It’s a serious website with a lot of indepth information about the science of fungus and the like. There’s nothing particularly odd about that, there’s plenty of mycologists in the world. But what’s absolutely awesome about this guy’s site is that it features a massively comprehensive collection of stamps that feature fungus from around the world.

Strange Stamps - Fungus - North Korea

North Korea

Here I am posting just a minuscule selection of his stamp collection… mostly just from the “A” section and some from Russia. I am simply blown away that there are so many countries in the world that put mushrooms on their stamps; I am equally blown away that some guy has made the massive effort to catalogue such an odd facet of the odd art of philately. I am not expecting this post to go viral. I am not expecting anyone to click the link to this post. “Fungus on stamps? BORING!” I hear you all cry. But for me this is deeper than a drawing of a mushroom on a bit of paper. This is humanity laid bare, this is men taking pride in their passion and following it doggedly to the end with no hope or expectation of a pat on the back.

Well, David Moore… consider this your pat on the back. I think what you have done is AMAZING. Here’s a link to his autobiography “Coprinopsis” and here’s a link to one of the text books he’s written about fungus called “21st Century Guidebook to Fungi“.

His career spans 50 years, many titles and an awesome stamp collection:


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Afghanistan and woodpecker Strange Stamps - Fungus - Afghanistan

Aland Islands

Strange Stamps - Fungus - Aland Islands


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Albania


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Angola oriole Strange Stamps - Fungus - Angola


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Antigua 2 Strange Stamps - Fungus - Antigua


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Argentina

Ascension Island

Strange Stamps - Fungus - Ascension Island


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Australia


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Romania + envelope Strange Stamps - Fungus - Romania

Russian Federation – Abkhazia

Strange Stamps - Fungus - Russian Federation - Abkhazia

Russian Federation – Chuvashia

Strange Stamps - Fungus - Russian Federation - Chuvashia

Russian Federation – Soviet Union

Strange Stamps - Fungus - Russian Federation - Soviet Union

Russian Federation – Yakutia

Strange Stamps - Fungus - Russian Federation - Yakutia


Strange Stamps - Fungus - Rwanda 2 Strange Stamps - Fungus - Rwanda

Beat that if you can…

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