Bieke Depoorter: Behind Egyptian Front Doors

On May 3, 2014 by Tim Newman

Bieke Depoorter - Egypt - graffiti

Bieke Depoorter is a Belgian born photographer who recently completed a photo project in Cairo. She took pictures of everyday people getting on with their every day lives. A simple premise, but effective and emotive as you’ll see. The project is called In Between.

The photos are interesting not just because they show you something you probably haven’t seen before, but but also because they give us that voyeuristic buzz that makes Eastenders so darned compelling. A sneaky peak into the lives of others.

Depoorter did a similar project in Russia which is also worth looking at, here’s the link to that – Ou Menya/ With Me

Bieke Depoorter - Egypt - Tiger family Bieke Depoorter - Egypt - Shower Room Bieke Depoorter - Egypt - platt hair Bieke Depoorter - Egypt - pigeons Bieke Depoorter - Egypt - net curtains Bieke Depoorter - Egypt - mary watching

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