What Does Sochi Look Like After The Olympic Games?

On March 22, 2014 by Tim Newman

Sochi After Olympics 2014 - already broken

… to answer the question in the title in one word: quiet. I found this bunch of photos taken from Sochi after the circus has left town. I’m not sure what the plan was after the games, I heard some talk of using the area as a Formula 1 race track. But that seems a bit of a waste.

As you can see from these pics, the Olympic village of Sochi is now pretty much a ghost town. But not a spooky one, just a sad one…

(Most photos courtesy of Alexander Valov)

Sochi After Olympics 2014 - calm

Sochi used to be a hangout for actors, Kremlin officials and cosmonauts, including Putin himself. So I’m guessing there’s still going to be action somewhere in Sochi, just not where the Games were held. At least not now. I’m hoping this dog is just asleep and not dead…

Sochi After Olympics 2014 - dead dog Sochi After Olympics 2014 - deserted

Russia has a homeless problem just like every other country in the world. It would be nice to think they could convert at least some of these places into affordable housing.

Sochi After Olympics 2014 - empty

Not everything was completed to a high level of finish…

Sochi After Olympics 2014 - incomplete

Russian Collection


Sochi After Olympics 2014 - lake

Sochi Now Today -  Alexander Valov Sochi Now Today - Ghost Town Sochi Now Today - Post Olympics

I would quite happily live here thank you very much. Some of the apartments could do with a touch of landscaping mind you…

Sochi After Olympics 2014 - mud bath

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