PHOTOS: Epiphany Bathing In Russia 2014

On February 9, 2014 by Tim Newman

Faith in the power of the activity is strong throughout all sectors of the population. The president of Russia’s Cold Treatment and Sports Winter Swimming Federation, Vladimir Grebyonkin, said it is impossible to fall ill after dipping into icy water on Epiphany. Impossible!?

Epiphany Bathing 2014 - Cold Dip Epiphany Bathing 2014 - beard Epiphany Bathing 2014 - Aktobe, Kazakhstan

Vladimir Grebyonkin went on to say “Physicists have established that on Epiphany the crystalline structure of water changes on Earth, including in the human organism that consists of 75% water. Water self-purifies, so even an unprepared person won’t catch a cold when swimming in cold water on Epiphany”.

Epiphany Bathing 2014 - Aktobe, Kazakhstan 3 Epiphany Bathing 2014 - Aktobe, Kazakhstan 2

I love the pictures but I’m still not tempted funnily enough.


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