Everyday Life In A Russian Village

On February 9, 2014 by Tim Newman

Russian Village Everyday Life - hill top chill

This is a photo diary of life in a traditional, small Russian village. Away from the cut and thrust of modern living the pictures seem like a breath of fresh air. I thought I’d share them with you. If I were you I’d bookmark this page and have another look every so often when the rat race is doing your chops in.

Russian Village Everyday Life - wishing well

I’m no fool, I’m sure the lives of these Russian villagers must be hard a lot of the time. Worries about food, worries about health. But at least they don’t have to deal with constant adverts, desk job RSI, losing their phone charger, deciding where to shop, broadband bills, making sure you’ve filled the form out in triplicate etc.

Russian Village Everyday Life - wishing tree

I think some of these are from a Russian village in the east of the country and some are from Belarus but I’m not sure I’m afraid. It sort of doesn’t matter for the purpose of this post… And relax…

Russian Village Everyday Life - vegetables Russian Village Everyday Life - storm brewing


Russian Village Everyday Life - pilgrimage

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