PHOTOS: Last Meals Before Execution

On February 8, 2014 by Tim Newman

Whether you’re an eye for an eye guy or a turn the other cheek geek I personally think the death penalty should be given the chop. You can argue until your black and blue about the morals behind it, but the clincher for me will always be that humans are fallible.

You can never know for sure whether someone is truly guilty or not. They may well be proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt, but that’s not enough.

I’ve always found the idea of the last meal quite a strange concept, and it turns out quite a few others agree. Here’s a few photos of “criminals'” last meals before facing the long good night.

Cameron Todd Willingham, executed for murder in 2004, presumed innocent in 2010.

Cameron requested tater tots, onion rings, enchiladas, and two slices of pie.

Last Meals - Execution - Cameron Todd Willingham

Claude Howard Jones, executed for murder in 2000, presumed innocent in 2010.

Claude asked for steak, eggs, toast with jam, and a single sausage. Why a single sausage?

Last Meals - Execution - Claude Howard Jones

David Spence, executed for murder in 1997, presumed innocent in 2000.

David asked for fried chicken, fries, tea, coffee, Coke, and chocolate ice cream.

Last Meals - Execution - David Spence

Leo Jones, executed for murder in 1998, even though presumed innocent since 1993.

He requested steak, eggs, potatoes, and toast.

Last Meals - Execution - Leo Jones

Ruben Cantu, executed for murder in 1993, presumed innocent in 2005 (then proven innocent in 2010).

Ruben requested fried chicken and rice

Last Meals - Execution - Ruben Cantu

Pretty depressing really. And the take home message?: Humans are rarely right.


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