Golden Eagles Vs Grey Wolf

On November 30, 2013 by Tim Newman

Yeah… I’d leg it if I were you Mr Magpie.

Well, in this battle of predator vs predator the wolf has the size advantage but the eagle has the element of surprise. Being able to fly certainly goes in their favour too.

It looks like golden eagles aren’t in the least bit intimidated by the wolf’s fearsome reputation.They will just crack right on.

I found three videos of eagles killing wolves, and I didn’t even look very hard if I’m honest. I can’t really be bothered today. I’m in a bit fo a bad mood, not that that’s your concern. But it does mean I took even greater pleasure in watching things die than perhaps I should.


To be fair, the wolves in the videos aren’t the biggest wolves I’ve ever seen, there’s a link under the videos for some pictures of truly gargantuan wolves if you’re interested. The wingspan on those birds is mind blowing though. They are impressive to say the least.

Oh well. Look:





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See, pretty gnarly right?

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Here you are, whack it:

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