China’s Luoping Ocean Of Flowers Looks Amazing

On November 23, 2013 by Tim Newman

Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Sunrise

Luoping County is a small and mostly rural Chinese county. They are mostly a farming community and grow canola (rapeseed) to be used as bio-oils etc. The odd mix of flat land and occasional hills wouldn’t garner much attention if it wasn’t for the amazing annual blooms. The flowers pop out in spring and last through to June making the area a hot spot for photographers and turning the whole county into a tourist attraction for the season.

This is a screen shot from the official website for Luoping County. Pretty fresh lookin’ site…

Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Screen shot

It looks lovely, but don’t take my word for it, here’s what the area’s official website has to say about their flow of flowers (via Google translate who has done his best):

“Canola flower sea located in south-central Bazi Luo, is a unique canola flower agricultural resources based wide area, deep connotation, traction, competitive, set of agricultural tourism, landscape tourism, farm tourism ecological leisure and tourism regional specialty products, which range covers Rochon, Itabashi, Kowloon, large wells, Lubuge, Zhongshan, estates group, long end of eight towns. Whenever the rising sun, mist-shrouded, like fairyland, is an ideal place for sightseeing, photography, folk songs. 2 per year to March, Luo Bazi 80 acres of canola flower competing in full bloom, golden Yi Cai, stretching hundreds of years, like the waves of the sea, the ocean Tao, those who get involved, all lamented Luo is “Feast of the town.” Mountain view, you can see the flowers … Bay Lake as the three sub-surface silver shiny mirror, set off a verdant mountains mountain ash; canola flower sea, little villages, spread all over the stockade; come and go cone karst mountains, dotted with the flowers, like human cloudland constitute wonderful picture…”

Good hey? Here’s some pics for ya:

Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Air

Luoping Rape Seed From The Air Luoping Rape Seed


Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Fields Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Header

Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - locals

Animal Collection

Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Mountains

Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Panorama

Ocean of flowers - Luoping - China - Step Gardens


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